The west wing of Flintholm is located in an elevated position on the estate in direct sunlight and with fresh winds from the west.
Originally, the west wing of the manor was the groundskeeper’s residence, later it served as a pensioner’s home for the former owner of Flintholm. With respect for the past and neoclassical architecture traditions, we have decided to return the west wing to its former state and renovate the entire wing, so that the west wing now contains two functional apartments with plenty of space for contemplation as well as the peace and quiet needed for work. 
The apartments are for the particular design lover, who finds charm in patina and great quality. Both apartments are decorated with carefully chosen interiors and artistic objects. The nature around Flintholm are for nature lovers, who are looking for a limited stay in the hilly landscape of southern Funen with forests and beaches within reach.
People with a project on hand that requires a peaceful space for a shorter or longer time periods are welcome to check out the private guest apartments of Flintholm, which are available for rent for just such purposes, other request for temporaly rent are welcome 



Filippavej 57


5762 Vester Skerninge





Anette Heimburger
Tlf. +45 25 44 25 44

Jens Heimburger
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